Few things that we did – Infographic timeline

PuduvaiLUG was founded in the year 2011. This Post is to show few Milestones we achieved along with few Activities that we have done

It is almost going to be 2 years since PuduvaiLUG was founded back in 2011 by Volunteered Youth’s of Pondicherry to spread the awareness on the usage of Gnu/Linux Operating Systems and to create an interest about Open Source development methodologies in students by explaining the concepts of Free Software, encouraging students to use, learn and contribute to Open Source projects.

List of Activities in the above Infographic Timeline

The above Info-graphic was designed using Inkscape & Pencil. Most of you might have already known about Inkscape tool, Pencil is an Open-Source, cross-platform, Mock-up tool built on top of Mozilla technologies.


 Most of you might have noticed, some of you might have missed it. Centuries back our ancestors designed the Gregorian Calendar – the calendar that we use today for our daily life to track the number of days. This is not the first time we are seeing this Sequential date, but previously like

01/02/03, 02/03/04, 03/04/05, 04/05/06, 05/06/07, 06/07/08, 07/08/09, 08/09/10, 09/10/11 and now 10/11/12

You can see a Cow thinking about the date in the Gnu/Linux Terminal that looks fancy. Yeah. Terminal is not only about text and commands, you can make it display some fancy things. Cowsay is such an application. You can install cowsay like below:

Ubuntu –
sudo apt-get install cowsay
Fedora – sudo yum install cowsay

Once installed, you can provide your own custom text to make the Cow to say or think as shown in the above picture. Example:- cowsay -w “Am looking at you” . Similarly you can replace cowsay with cowthink to make cow think instead of saying.

You can change the eyes, show tongue of the Cow. To know more use ” cowsay –help “.

Uses of such fancy applications– You can embed these applications into the program that you develop in Python / Ruby / Perl / C / Java to display some output like the cowsay or cowthink instead of just displaying output as a text. Make the cow-thinks your name in your terminal

whoami | cowthink -w

Now we know what the Cow thinks 😉 Enjoy this Sequential Day 🙂