Why Hardware Freedom Day is important?

The usage of software can be controlled to a certain extent so as that it could not cause any harms that is offered by the “Big brother” in the industry.But when taking the other part of the game,the hardware is the most effective part in the system where certain magic can be done.So,when looking at this point of view the event “Hardware Freedom Day” encourages the interested among various aspects and has shown its importance.


Hardware freedom day initiates the hardware enthusiasts in using and contributing to Free and Open hardware projects by means of the term “Open Hardware“.

The main aim of this event is to,

  • Include user contribution
  • Spread awareness about Free and Open hardware
  • Act as a platform for people to share their ideas with others

Digital Freedom Foundation takes care of the event at global level but various volunteer groups can organize it by themselves.There are no strictly any protocols followed.The event can be taken over in several ways so as it could be as interesting as possible.Some of the ways are,

  • Talks on Open Hardware.
  • Stalls to demo projects done using Open Hardware.
  • Hacking and Hands-on session.

Let us enjoy a global freedom in hardware.