Minutes of Meet-up (18.12.2011)

After a long time we had our meet up.

Details of meet:

Date : 18.12.2011 (Sunday).
Venue: Ocean Academy, East Coast Road (ECR), Opposite to Jeeva rukhmani Marriage hall.
Time : 10.00 AM


From this time we have categorized our sessions as follows:
1. General Session.
2. Technical Session.
3. Video Session
4. Future Plans.
5. Photo Session.

1. General Session:
This sesison includes talks on general topics like Wikipedia, Tamizh contribution to Open Source, etc.
Venkatesh – Spoke on how to contribute to tamil version of wikipedia and he showed a live demo of where to start.
He also insisted to contribute as well participate in Tamil wiki-media contest.

2. Technical Session:
This session includes talks on technical discussions like programming, tweaking linux, etc.
1. Prasanna – explained about what causes the power regression in mobile devices running latest linux kernels.
The reason is due to ASPM being turned off by default for those devices which is not ASPM compatible and forcing ASPM on this device would cause battery life problems. One main issue is the hardware are now made windows specific which makes devices not to support ASPM of Linux kernel.

He also explained about the application “Whiz-Chat” that he developed using Ruby programming language for linux users.

2. Prakash – explained about how easy, fast and handy to use FFMPEG encoder/decoder to convert audio and video formats.
He showed a live demo of how to convert a video into sequence of images and also to convert sequence of images into a video.
Converting a video to sequnce of images:

 ffmpeg -i input_video_file.flv images/Screenshot%d.png

In the above command -i indicates input file and the video can be of any format you have. ‘images’ is the directory created and ‘Screenshot%d’ indicates the output filename with prefix Screenshot and %d will be replaced by the number for every images generated.
You can specify any image output format, here we have specified .png format.

3. Video Session:
Videos related to Open source projects, tools, linux etc can be played in this session.
We played the following videos:
1. Blender Siggraph 2011 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbzE8jOO7_0
2. Firefox Flicks – http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefoxflicks/
3. Mozilla Story – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDDVAErOI5U

4. Future Plans:
This session includes discussion on what can be done in upcoming meets and future operations.
We discussed about Punnagai-FSFTN and also to reach poor children to educate them on computers in future.

Prasath – insisted to use Open Street Map and to locate important places in Puducherry and this will be our short-term future task.

5. Photo Session:
Pictures are worth thousand words, we will all have a group photo at this session.

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