PuduvaiLUG got new Neighbours.

On reading the post published in OMG! UBUNTU!, We have got number of responses from our Neighbours that we are unaware they exist.

Neighbour 1 – KARAIKAL (Puducherry district)
On the same day the post was published, we received a E-mail from Mr. Saravanan Soundarapandian, who is a Assistant Professor (Computer Science) at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture & Research Institute (PAJANCOA & RI), Karaikal. In his E-mail sent to us he wrote,

Really happy to c the work ur team has done through the websiste
Since year 2007 all the students (around 300) of PAJANCOA college in Karaikal, Puducherry use Ubuntu Linux in their laptop. Each student having their own laptop is mandatory as they have to attend online exam.

Latest Ubuntu installation details are updated in the below site

We are surprised and glad to know that a Agriculture Research Institute is using Ubuntu GNU/Linux Operating System for their Institute.
We are looking for students from this college to actively participate in our activities and spread the awareness about GNU/Linux.
Contact:- To know more details about this news, you can drop a E-mail to him via:- tssaravananone@gmail.com

Neighbour 2 – Aurovile (International City)
A week later, we received a E-mail message from BlueLight – A Open Source Service and Research Center at Aurovile. In their mail to us they wrote,

Just saw an article about you in OMG!Ubuntu =)

We’re neighbours – we’re in Auroville, providing open source support and Ubuntu is our OS =) We have a browsing centre and it runs on Ubuntu.

We’ve just compiled an optimized installer with all goodies like Skype, all codecs, VLC  etc. pre-installed – using RemasterSys – if you need it – we’re happy to share this .iso – it makes installs super-fast, and all packages are in place right after install – no need for post-install stuff =)

Here’s our web page:


Again we were unaware of such a research center at Aurovile which is a few kilometers away from Puducherry and a part of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.
PuduvaiLUG will be meeting BlueLight team soon and jointly organize our works, we hope.

Neighbour 3 – A Entrepreneur from Bangalore
We know, Bangalore is not near by Puducherry, but Internet has made the world into a Digital Village. Again on the same day of the post we received mail from Mr. Sandeep Singh, an Entrepreneur based out of Bengaluru. In his mail, he wished our team a success and wishes to extend his support to us.

I read about the great work you guys are doing, in terms of spreading awareness among the people in areas of technology and specifically Linux.
I wanted to congratulate you and your team for the fantastic things you guys are up to.
Keep up the good work you guys are doing.

I am a small time entrepreneur based out of Bangalore, if i can be of any help to you guys do let me know.

Thank you Mr. Sandeep Singh for your wishes and support.

We thank each and every one of YOU for appreciating our work and extending your love and support to us. Surely we need all of your support for taking the GNU/Linux and the principle of Free Software to everyone, which brings a very good Eco-system for the society.  And Finally and once again we thank OMG! UBUNTU! Team for their love 🙂 You are one of the reason for our reach to others Worldwide. Thank You.

Thanks to OMG! UBUNTU!

We never thought this Day (22.6.2012) would be so great ! Thanks to OMG! UBUNTU!

As a part of spreading awareness on Importance to use GNU/Linux Operating System, we had idea of installing GNU/Linux in Systems at Internet Cafe at Puducherry. As you know lot of people come and use computers at Internet Center, the owner of internet center as well as the users suffer from Security issues like Virus / Malware being stick with the USB drives and other removable media which in-turn affects the System running Proprietary operating system is still a big head-ache for Cafe owners. They need to format the Operating System everytime, they need to install lot of 3rd party Software which promises to protect their system. We thought, GNU/Linux could play a fantastic role here being Virus-free, highly secured, users can now use their removable media without fear of losing data and cafe owners can now be happy and concentrate more on the other improvements of the Cafe.

So we approached a Internet Center named ” Sri Venkateshwara Browsing Centre, Lawspet “ in Puducherry, and had a talk with the owner of the cafe. As we said these benefits, he was impressed and granted permission for us to Install GNU/Linux in one of their system that would be put to test as this is the first time they are using GNU/Linux at their Cafe.

We chose Ubuntu flavour of GNU/Linux, as it would be a cake walk for a new user to use it. In order to create better impression, Prakash of PuduvaiLUG made this beautiful Handmade Spray-Paint Art of OMG! UBUNTU! Logo, which we planned to put in the Cafe to seek others attention.

We wanted to share this with OMG! UBUNTU! Team, So we wrote to them with Images attached which they have put up in their Site. Based out of this post, more people came to know about PuduvaiLUG and sent Private messages / E-mails to us regarding their wishes as well as they showed their interest on helping us spreading the awareness about GNU/Linux. Thanks all of you 🙂

If you are a Internet Cafe owner or you know any Internet Cafe suffering from above problems, let us know about it 🙂 We are ready to extend our support on Migrating to GNU/Linux.

Prasanna Venkadesh – prasmailme @ gmail . com
Venkatesh – venkateshvpm @ gmail . com
Suresh – sur12esh2007 @ gmail . com
Prasath – prasath.ram8 @ gmail . com