Software freedom day 2017 @ PY – Quiz [Solved]


1.The term "free" is free software signifies ?

(A) free of cost   (B) free of pirate   (C) freedom  (D) free to criticize

2.What does EULA stands for ?

(A) End User License Arrangement

(B) Ergonomic Useful License Arrangement

(C) End User Life Appropriation

(D) End User License Agreement


3. Which of these Operating System allows one to study, modify & share its source code ?

(A) Microsoft Windows   (B) Mac OS   (C) GNU/Linux   (D) OS/2

4. You share a proprietary software with your friends like you share your bike. That legally makes you a ______ ?

(A) Good friend   (B) Law abiding citizen   (C) Criminal offender   (D) Freedom lover


5. Among the following, which GNU/Linux distro is an education based ?

(A) Linux Mint   (B) Fedora   (C) Edubuntu   (D) Scientific Linux


6. Which application is an Free Software & Commons alternative for Google Maps ?

(A) Here Maps   (B) OSMAnd  (C) StreetComplete   (D) Transit


7. Among the following browsers, which browser is free of proprietary plugins ?

(A) Firefox   (B) IceCat   (C) UCBrowser   (D) Opera


8. What does ISP stands for ?

(A) Internet Subscriber Protocol

(B) International Standards Protocol

(C) Internet Service Provider

(D) Indian Service Provider


9. Net Neutrality is the principal that ________

(A) ensure that all communication are end-to-end encryp

(B) prohibits ISPs from monitoring network traffic

(C) ensure that ISPs treat all data on the network the same

(D) enables government to selectively block websites for the welfare of the nation


10. "Right to privacy is a fundamental right" give the correct answer relating this phrase.

A. Judgment by Supreme Court of India

B. Bill passed by parliament of India

C. One among the Philosophy by free Software Organizations

D. NO, Privacy is not a fundamental right!


Net neutrality defended in India

On Monday, 8th February the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a press statement upholding the principles of Net Neutrality and drops the idea of differential data pricing. The Free Software Hardware Movement, Puducherry welcomes the move of TRAI in defending the net neutrality and internet freedom in India. This statement was remarkable since it was a huge victory for the people and the netizens who fought and defended the internet democracy. We extend our congratulations to all the Free Software and Internet Freedom activists who stood against and fought out this battle on defending net neutrality in India. We also thank our activists who took part in the protest, in support of net neutrality in Puducherry.

Official statement of TRAI :

Statements from

  1. FSFTN:
  2. FSMI:

Seminar on Free Software

Note: We are no longer accepting registrations!

Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu (FSFTN) along with it’s local chapters Puducherry Gnu/Linux Users Group & Villupuram Volunteers are conducting a 1 day technical seminar on various Free Software technologies on March 9th, 2014 at Shanthi Auditorium, Villupuram.

On attending this Seminar, you get an opportunity to learn directly from Geeks, Hackers, Free Software Activists & Professionals. You will also take away a seminar kit along with Gnu/Linux Operating System CD/DVD. We have organized a similar workshop at Puducherry last year. You can read about it here and You can view the Pictures here.

Last date for on-line registration: February 28, 2014 (until 6 Pm).
Registration Fee: Rs. 250 (
including lunch + Certificate + Seminar Kit for each).
Last date for payment: March 1, 2014 (
Payment can be made to Student Representative from your college or at our affiliated centres)

Affiliated Centers for Payment:

Puducherry : Ocean Academy, ECR Main Rd, Puducherry, 605008.

Villupuram : Rainbow Browsing Center, Next to hotel Balaji Bhawan, Near old bus stand, Villupuram.

Note:- List of Student representative for the colleges will be put up soon. In the mean while You can apply for Student Representative for your college here. Name and address of our affiliated centres at Puducherry and Villupuram will also be updated here as soon as possible.

Registration is purely based on First Come First Serve basis, since the seats are limited at the Venue. For more details about the event check the poster below.

1 Day Seminar on Free Software

3 Years of PuduvaiGLUG

It’s been 3 years since Puducherry GNU/Linux Users Group was started back in January 30, 2011. We have come across few milestones and achieved a significant amount of attention at Puducherry with various events and activities over these 3 years. We have crossed only a few steps towards a Free Software and Free Society, till a long journey to travel along. We take this occasion to thank each and every individuals, organizations, institutions, student reps., and volunteers for their continuous effort in thinking and working towards the liberation of society by Free Software and pushing us forward.

To celebrate this occasion, we have planned for an Open Discussion Forum on February 2nd, 2014 (Sunday) at Ocean Academy, ECR (Near Latha steel house), Lawspet, Puducherry by 2 PM. Do join the discussion forum and contribute your ideas to make our group more effective.i

Ah, yes we will also be having Snacks :-)

Thank You,
Team PuduvaiGLUG.

Increase swap memory without partitioning or after install Ubuntu/Mint/Debian

Swap memory is very important for every distro. on hibernate system save all data from ram to Swap. Swap space is used when your system decides that it needs physical memory for active processes and there is insufficient unused physical memory available. If the system happens to need more memory resources or space, inactive pages in physical memory are then moved to the swap space therefore freeing up that physical memory for other uses.

What happen if you have already installed your system without swap partition? yep you can create a swap as a file.

1. create a file for swap “sudo fallocate -l 2048m /mnt/swap_file.swap” //2048 for 2GB it based on your requirements
2. Change the permission “sudo chmod 600 /mnt/swap_file.swap
3. Format the file for swapping device “sudo mkswap /mnt/swap_file.swap
4. Add swap “sudo swapon /mnt/swap_file.swap
5. Edit fstab file “gksudo gedit /etc/fstab
6. Add this line at the end of the file “/mnt/swap_file.swap none swap sw 0 0
7. Reboot your machine “sudo reboot

Ref: Ubuntu help page

Say no to trackers, keep your privacy

Do you fed up with internet privacy? Past years tracker were used spyware, virus, malware were used to track you but now trends have been changed, yes they using JavaScript, cookies for spying. Millions of people were tracking your activities via internet. Ads were following you everywhere. Many people moved to Linux based machine so they don’t need antivirus, malware function etc. Is all Linux users are secure? no, because tracker use your browser for data collecting. So you should use some security add ons in your browser. i would like to suggest some add ons are follows.

1. Ghostery  – Monitors third-party trackers on sites. Ghostery will only show you which trackers are operating on the websites

2. AVG privacyfix – Helps lock down your Facebook and Google privacy settings.

3. Disconnect – Blocks trackers from popular sites.

4. HTTPS Everywhere  –  Redirects to secure (HTTPS) versions of sites where possible.

5. DuckDuckGo – Search anonymously.

6. Adblock Plus – Blocks intrusive ads.

7. DoNotTrackMe – It blocks third-party trackers on sites. ( Firefox, Chrome )

8. Lightbeam for Firefox – See who’s tracking you online.


Wikipedia Event by FSFTN

Last Sunday, 27 October, 2013, PuduvaiGLUG (Free Software Foundation of Tamil Nadu) organized a special event at Villupuram. The main theme was to promote the use of Wikipedia to the students and public. So sessions like Wikipedia-Philosophy/Contribution by Mr. Sibi, FSFTN | OpenStreet Maps – Mr. Prasanna Venkadesh were hosted and Mr. Karkee gave the Impact Note so as to conclude the event successfully. Hope our move will bring some new contributors for Tamil Wikipedia too.

Click here to View Pictures