Putting it All-together – 01

Here we are putting interesting news, projects, events on GNU/Linux and Open Source / Free Software all together.

1. FOSS Workshop conducted at Private Institution in Puducherry

1 Day Workshop on Free Open Source Software was conducted in Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College, Puducherry by Mr. Baskar Selvaraj, CEO, Linuxpert Systems on 25-July-2012 for the 3rd year students of CS and IT Department, totaling 140 + students.

2. Open Source Convention (OSCON) – Conference of the Year

OSCON is is an annual convention for the discussion of free and open source software. It is organized by the publisher O’Reilly Media and is held each summer in the United States. The conference of this year held successfully at Portland, OR, USA. At the end of this 5 day event, Open Source Awards are given for the deserving candidates who contribute to the Community and Open Source Projects as well. You can know about it more from here.

3. How about carrying a Electronic lab in your pocket?

Imagine how it would be to carry a Electronics lab in your pocket, which is powered by GNU/Linux and Python. Yes, not an imagination, check it out here http://recursive-labs.com/blog/2012/07/27/expeyes-electronics-lab-in-your-pocket/

4. Mageia 2 – Gaining popular?

Mageia 2 a new GNU/Linux operating system released and maintained by a non-profit organization named Mageia.org has been ranked #3 at Distrowatch.com, the site which ranks the GNU/Linux operating systems based on the number of hits to their sites. Within a short-span of time, it has reached this position. You can download the operating system from their site for free.

5. Intel is Pushing Open Source Forward

Intel, the leading chip maker in the industry has been contributing to Linux Kernel and promotes Open Source developments with lot of contributions around the world. Recently, they have released a video on how it pushes the spirit of Open Source Forward, check the video below


Closing note:  Software Freedom Day falls this September 15, 2012. Last year we took part with ILUGC and this year planning to organize it here at Puducherry. So Discussions are open.  For you to get some idea on SFD, check the post and pictures of SFD 2011 that we took part with ILUGC at Chennai last year. SFD 2011 – MIT, Chrompet, Chennai .

Discussions of SFD shall happen at our Mailing list, and soon, we will post a new post on Software Freedom Day with details of benefits for students and others 🙂

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