Software freedom day 2017 @ PY – Quiz


1.The term "free" is free software signifies ?

(A) free of cost   (B) free of pirate   (C) freedom  (D) free to criticize

2.What does EULA stands for ?

(A) End User License Arrangement

(B) Ergonomic Useful License Arrangement

(C) End User Life Appropriation

(D) End User License Agreement


3. Which of these Operating System allows one to study, modify & share its source code ?

(A) Microsoft Windows   (B) Mac OS   (C) GNU/Linux   (D) OS/2

4. You share a proprietary software with your friends like you share your bike. That legally makes you a ______ ?

(A) Good friend   (B) Law abiding citizen   (C) Criminal offender   (D) Freedom lover


5. Among the following, which GNU/Linux distro is an education based ?

(A) Linux Mint   (B) Fedora   (C) Edubuntu   (D) Scientific Linux


6. Which application is an Free Software & Commons alternative for Google Maps ?

(A) Here Maps   (B) OSMAnd  (C) StreetComplete   (D) Transit


7. Among the following browsers, which browser is free of proprietary plugins ?

(A) Firefox   (B) IceCat   (C) UCBrowser   (D) Opera


8. What does ISP stands for ?

(A) Internet Subscriber Protocol

(B) International Standards Protocol

(C) Internet Service Provider

(D) Indian Service Provider


9. Net Neutrality is the principal that ________

(A) ensure that all communication are end-to-end encryp

(B) prohibits ISPs from monitoring network traffic

(C) ensure that ISPs treat all data on the network the same

(D) enables government to selectively block websites for the welfare of the nation


10. "Right to privacy is a fundamental right" give the correct answer relating this phrase.

A. Judgment by Supreme Court of India

B. Bill passed by parliament of India

C. One among the Philosophy by free Software Organizations

D. NO, Privacy is not a fundamental right!