OpenSuse 12.1 – Features revealed

The openSUSE 12.1 has been released on Wednesday the 16th of November 2011.

PuduvaiLUG thanks and wishes Mr. A.Karthikeyan who wrote this review about OpenSuse. At the end of this review is mentioned about the author.

New to opensuse?

OpenSuse is one of the most stable distro I have ever seen. Trust me, I have started linuxing with Ubuntu like many others and get crashed my system while trying up something new. But in this case everything is much stable.

Well, there are plenty of reason why I adore (open)SUSE. Of course, its open-source.

Version Number

With a bunch of new features and elegant performance improvement this new version is numbered as directly .1 rather .0, because .0 would create many expectations of major improvements.

Desktop Environment

This time openSUSE12.1 has shipped with KDE-plasma4.7 workspace and GNOME-3.2 as well as Xfce and LXDE too. Here we reveal the features of OpenSuse 12.1 with Gnome 3.2 Desktop environment. This version has Shipped with not just GNOME3, but with GNOME3.2. Yes,The Gnome has evolved again with plenty of features. Pls refer here for further info about Gnome 3.2 features.

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