Software Freedom Day 2013 – Public Event – A grand success!

Software Freedom Day 2013 – Public Event ( Puducherry Part ) was successfully celebrated by PuduvaiGLUG ( A part of FSFTN ) on August 22, 2013.

The event commenced with the inaguration by Ms. Hemavathi Anandu, Deputy Inspector of Schools Zone – II, Education Department, Govt of Puducherry.

The event features stalls on Philosophy, Showcasing of various GNU/Linux distributions, A overview of Free software such as Libre Office, OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox, Chromium GIMP etc.

Stalls on WordPress, Ubuntu Mobile OS, Gaming on Linux, Internet democracy are also hosted.

A special stall on Open Hardware featuring Arduino and Raspberry Pi device showcasing  Raspbian OS are hosted by FunShock ( Our proud sponsor )

At last the event concluded with the ending note by Mr. Prabhu and Mr. Karkee.

Our hearty congratulation to those who worked hard to make this day a grand success and also to everyone who acted as a backbone of PuduvaiGLUG.

We request everyone to join our mailing list to keep updated with us and those who are willing to be a part of PuduvaiGLUG can attend our weekend meetups and help us to grow and make a change in the community.

Photos are updated here.

Software Freedom Day 2013 – Public Event

We are happy about the curiosity that you all showering for SFD Celebrations. Yes, We are up and we have come up with an Agenda.
DateSeptember 22, 2013 (Sunday) to reach more students and people.
Venue – Savirayalu Girls Higher Secondary School, Puducherry – 605001
Time – 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Karkee – 9952534083
  • Vikneshwaren – 9894254095
  • Prasanna – 9940325718
The main theme of SFD is to make people aware of Free Software / Hardware and to make them realize the importance of the same in order to encourage its usage.
The event will showcase various stalls on Free Software and Hardware with the Philosophy behind the same and to introduce people to the same. Below are the list of various stalls we have planned.
  1. Philosophy of Free Software and Hardware
  2. Linux, Gnu and Gnu/Linux
  3. Demo of Gnu/Linux Distros for Public (LinuxMint, Ubuntu and Fedora)
  4. Office Applications (LibreOffice / OpenOffice)
  5. Internet Applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, Transmission Bit-Torrent client, Chromium, Pidgin, etc.,)
  6. Multimedia Applications (VLC, Audacity, Amarok, Tomohawk, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, etc.,)
  7. Free Software on Smartphones (Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, Android, Tizen, Jolla Sailfish)
  8. Free Software Games ( 0.A.D, Assault Cube, SuperTuxCart, etc.,)
  9. Internet Democracy (Indian Act 66A, PRISM project and NSA surveillance program, Duck Duck Go, Tor, etc.,)
Vikneshwaren.U would be co-ordinating this year’s SFD.
1. Laptops – available (15), needed (2 more)
2. Volunteers – available (15), needed ( 20 + )
Currently there are 15 energetic, Young and amazing volunteers who are ready to engage at various stalls. But still we need more volunteers to keep the event lively. If you are interested please do join the Team.
Event Sponsors


Thank You for the Sponsors who immediately registered their interest to sponsor for the event on time.

We look for an amazing event ahead. Cheers Guys.