Report on Techathon 2013

Very good, Useful event, Informative, Expected more, Keep conducting events like this often
are some of the comments and feedback we got for the event.

There is a common misconception about Indians being non-punctual. But believe me, We are punctual. Those who have registered made to the venue sharp.

As planned, event started at 9:15 Am with the overview about the event by Prasanna Venkadesh (myself) followed by the first session.

9:20 AM: Introduction to Cloud Computing with OpenStack by Yogesh Girikumar

The presentation / talk started with very basic introduction to Cloud computing, their practical applications in real life. As time passes, it was OpenStack came into play as yogesh explained about Compute, Storage and Networking part of OpenStack software. A team of 4 from OpenDrops found this talk specifically useful as they are already into Amazon cloud and now wanted to go OpenStack. This presentation lasted for around 1hours and 25 minutes. Thanks to Yogesh for the presentation.

10:40 AM – 10:50 AM – Short Break with Snacks (Coke & Cookies with Samosa)


10:50 AM: Taking Advantage of Semantic Web by Sankaranand Balaradjou

As of today Web has evolved into important part of everyone’s life. It was Web 1.0, 2.0 and it’s time of Web 3.0 – Semantic Web. Information used for the presentation by Sankaranand was much appreciated by attendees. You can view the presentation here at Slideshare. His presentation gave an overview of What one can do with loads of data available in Web today. Facebook Graph search, Google Now, etc are used as examples with their respective videos. Personally I liked his presentation, thanks for that Sankaranand.

12:05 PM – Hands on with Python by Rampragadeesh

Aw. most of them were waiting for this particular session and yes we hope they loved the session. Session started with some scanning through basic python syntax, data structures like lists, dictionaries, etc., Then he gave the task of composing a python program to generate Fibonacci series followed by Swapping values of variables. This consumed time as we allowed attendees to write their own algorithm followed by how these things can be achieved simple in terms of python. Just to show case the power of python. To demonstrate a more useful practical application using python, Rampragadeesh opened up his own python script for scrapping websites in which he explained about how to scrap a web-site using scrapping libraries available for Python along with BeautifulSoup. Hope this session would kindled an interest towards learning python for new-comers.

1:15 PM – It’s Climax

We know there is something sitting inside everyone’s stomach waiting for food. A few videos about Linux were played and finally it was networking session (getting to know each other before they leave).

Students from various Institutions like Pondicherry University, Rajiv Gandhi Engineering College, Christ College of Engineering, Sri Manakular Vinayar Engineering College, Kanchi Mamunivar, University of Engineering – Villupuram. Professionals from OpenDrops have also come as a team.

As a team, we enjoyed this day a lot with lot of people around us, came with interest and to have fun on a restful Sunday. Thank you all. I also wanted to thank Pradhip kumar, Sithanandhan, Karthikeyan and of-course Karthik Balaram – Founder, Ocean Academy, the venue sponsor who is supporting us for all our activities. Hope this will continue in future.

Photos are here:-