Celebrating Software Freedom Day 2015

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software. SFD is a public education effort with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use. FSHMP (Free Software Hardware Movement, Puducherry) has been celebrating SFD for the past 4 years. As a continuum,  we are also celebrating SFD this year at “Venue to come here” on 20 SEPT 2015. The event will go on from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the day.


Events Planned :
This year as a part of SFD, various stalls and talks have been planned. Most of the stalls will widely be taking about Various Free Software’s like LibreOffice, GIMP etc and Introducing the public about Free Software, Mass Surveillance  and Net Neutrality.
As a part of FSHMP activities, we have also experimented a bit on Mesh Networks (A better way of open internet). We have also planned to share our knowledge on the same. Apart from Mesh Network, we are also planning to share our knowledge and show a few other projects that we have been experimenting on.
Well too much technology and no fun is not good. So this year we also having a Gaming Contest to impress and show the amount of gaming that GNU/LINUX is having. Well what game? Well it’s “Open Arena”. Bring in your GNU/Linux powered laptops, and lets play. 
What more, that’s a lot. Apart from these told above, we will also be having various people from other Movement likes ours , FSFTN (Free Software Foundation, TamilNadu) etc, also sharing their knowledge.
Ok, this is all interesting, But I dont have an GNU/Linux powered laptop ? What to do? Bring your laptop, and we will help you unleash the beast.
Note : We are not a computer service center. We are set of students, professionals etc who are working our way to educate the common man about Free Software.

Email to TRAI on Net Neutrality

Email to TRAI on Net Neutrality

Internet in India is at Risk. Telecoms service providers and Content providers are violating Net Neutrality in various means. This will not ensure equal Internet for everyone as how it is right now. This will create an artificial scarcity for knowledge & information which otherwise is freely flowing in nature.

TRAI (Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India) is asking opinion from Public whether or not they support Net Neutrality. This is our chance to make our voice heard. For your convenience, we are providing you with the content for email.

What should I do?

  1. Read the email content below.
  2. Copy the email content.
  3. Use Subject as “I Support Net Neutrality” for the email.
  4. Send email to advqos@trai.gov.in by pasting the copied content in the message.
  5. Share this message with your friends too.
  6. Use #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality hashtag on Social Networks.


Last two-three decades have shown us the power of people communicating to each other independently, peer to peer over the INTERNET. The world of Free Software, Wikipedia, Khanacademy, MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses), Arxiv.org, to name a few would not have been possible had people not been able to express, share, and spread their views over INTERNET.  Internet has made it possible to decentralize knowledge andmake it accessible to people across the world.

On similar lines, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp, are just few examples of how corporates have made use of INTERNET and made available platforms to enable people to communicate easily with very little technical knowledge. They have come up with own business models across this also.

But though all these are the major and well known players in the INTERNET world, they just form a very small part of the actual INTERNET world. Internet comprises of millions of websites, each trying to communicate some idea to its viewers. Like Facebook provides a platform to communicate with your friends, a blogger like Avijit Roy may use his blog as a platform to spread his views on religion. Like Gmail provides mailing service, Riseup.net may provide mailing list services to activists organizations. Whatsapp may provide services for people to chat using their mobile, where as TOR may be used by people to browse
Internet anonymously.

All of these wide range of entities (individuals/organizations/corporates) are making use of Internet in their own way. Calling only a few of them  OTT(Over The Top) Service would definitely be wrong as each entity provides some or other service. Some may make money over donations, some others by  displaying ads and some by selling ads. However that should not be a reason to differentiate their content or service over the INTERNET.

All of the content over INTERNET should be treated equally irrespective of how they are accessed, used or monetized. I would request government of India not to take steps towards breaking fundamental aspects of INTERNET which is one of the humanity’s greatest invention. Net Neutrality is a must for future of Internet.

Email Content Source Credit: Vignesh Prabhu of FSMK (http://blog.viggy.in/?p=836)

Celebrating Arduino Day

Arduino Day Poster

About Arduino Day

Arduino Day is the worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday. Last year we celebrated Arduino Day at Viluppuram. This year we are hosting the event at Puducherry. We are doing a hands-on session where people can participate as teams. This event will help you get started with Arduino and so you can start hacking with the hardware and play around.

Who Can Participate?

This event is targeted at students who have interest with computer hardware and software. Students of any discipline (Engineering, Arts & Science, etc.,) are also welcome.

What will you learn?

  1. Downloading & Installing Arduino IDE in your computer.
  2. Blinking the LED.
  3. LED fading effects.
  4. Playing the Buzzer Alarm.
  5. Working with Ultra Sonic Sensor.
  6. Detecting Light using LDR.
  7. Controlling simple DC Motor using Arduino.
  8. Serial Communication Python – Arduino.

How Can I Participate?

You can participate as a Team from your institution or from different institution. You have to register your team here.

  • A team can have maximum of 4 members and minimum of 2 members.
  • Also we have very limited number of Arduino boards with us, so we are accepting registration for only 6-7 teams.
  • Registration is based on First Come First Serve basis.

Should I bring anything with me?

Yes. You should bring a Laptop. We have Internet provision at the Venue.

Is there a fee?

Yes. We charge Rs. 100/- per team. As a not-for-profit organization, this fee collected from you for this event would be used to build the community itself.

When is the last date for registration?

Registration closes on March 27, 2015 (Friday).

How do I pay the registration fee to you?

We do not have online payment support. Either it would be on-the-spot or you have to pay to one of the member of this community at your college. Our community members are available at SMVEC, MVIT, PEC, PU, RGCET, IFET, Alpha college of Engineering & Achariya Arts & Science College.

Where is the event happening?

The event is happening at Pondicherry Science Forum at Reddiarpalayam, Puducherry. Landmark: Opposite to State Bank of India, Reddiarpalayam.


FSHM & an electronic startup called Funshock are jointly organizing this event at Puducherry.

[Workshop] Ruby on Rails & Drupal

Ocean Academy of Pondicherry is organizing a 1 day workshop on two major technologies that are hot in web today.

What are those Two hot technologies ?

1. Drupal – Drupal is an World’s No.1 Content Management System, CMS in short using which one can build their own website in a short-period of time with thousands of available Plug-ins. Drupal is Open-Source.

2. Ruby on Railsalso called as RoR is a full stack Web-framework which is also used to build Websites and Web-Applications easier and faster than you think. Ruby on Rails is trending very hot right now.


To Register for the Event, visit Ocean Academy website.

There is an Registration fee fixed for the event.

Report on Techathon 2013

Very good, Useful event, Informative, Expected more, Keep conducting events like this often
are some of the comments and feedback we got for the event.

There is a common misconception about Indians being non-punctual. But believe me, We are punctual. Those who have registered made to the venue sharp.

As planned, event started at 9:15 Am with the overview about the event by Prasanna Venkadesh (myself) followed by the first session.

9:20 AM: Introduction to Cloud Computing with OpenStack by Yogesh Girikumar

The presentation / talk started with very basic introduction to Cloud computing, their practical applications in real life. As time passes, it was OpenStack came into play as yogesh explained about Compute, Storage and Networking part of OpenStack software. A team of 4 from OpenDrops found this talk specifically useful as they are already into Amazon cloud and now wanted to go OpenStack. This presentation lasted for around 1hours and 25 minutes. Thanks to Yogesh for the presentation.

10:40 AM – 10:50 AM – Short Break with Snacks (Coke & Cookies with Samosa)


10:50 AM: Taking Advantage of Semantic Web by Sankaranand Balaradjou

As of today Web has evolved into important part of everyone’s life. It was Web 1.0, 2.0 and it’s time of Web 3.0 – Semantic Web. Information used for the presentation by Sankaranand was much appreciated by attendees. You can view the presentation here at Slideshare. His presentation gave an overview of What one can do with loads of data available in Web today. Facebook Graph search, Google Now, etc are used as examples with their respective videos. Personally I liked his presentation, thanks for that Sankaranand.

12:05 PM – Hands on with Python by Rampragadeesh

Aw. most of them were waiting for this particular session and yes we hope they loved the session. Session started with some scanning through basic python syntax, data structures like lists, dictionaries, etc., Then he gave the task of composing a python program to generate Fibonacci series followed by Swapping values of variables. This consumed time as we allowed attendees to write their own algorithm followed by how these things can be achieved simple in terms of python. Just to show case the power of python. To demonstrate a more useful practical application using python, Rampragadeesh opened up his own python script for scrapping websites in which he explained about how to scrap a web-site using scrapping libraries available for Python along with BeautifulSoup. Hope this session would kindled an interest towards learning python for new-comers.

1:15 PM – It’s Climax

We know there is something sitting inside everyone’s stomach waiting for food. A few videos about Linux were played and finally it was networking session (getting to know each other before they leave).

Students from various Institutions like Pondicherry University, Rajiv Gandhi Engineering College, Christ College of Engineering, Sri Manakular Vinayar Engineering College, Kanchi Mamunivar, University of Engineering – Villupuram. Professionals from OpenDrops have also come as a team.

As a team, we enjoyed this day a lot with lot of people around us, came with interest and to have fun on a restful Sunday. Thank you all. I also wanted to thank Pradhip kumar, Sithanandhan, Karthikeyan and of-course Karthik Balaram – Founder, Ocean Academy, the venue sponsor who is supporting us for all our activities. Hope this will continue in future.

Photos are here:- http://prasanna.trovebox.com/photos/album-3/list

Few things that we did – Infographic timeline

PuduvaiLUG was founded in the year 2011. This Post is to show few Milestones we achieved along with few Activities that we have done

It is almost going to be 2 years since PuduvaiLUG was founded back in 2011 by Volunteered Youth’s of Pondicherry to spread the awareness on the usage of Gnu/Linux Operating Systems and to create an interest about Open Source development methodologies in students by explaining the concepts of Free Software, encouraging students to use, learn and contribute to Open Source projects.

List of Activities in the above Infographic Timeline

The above Info-graphic was designed using Inkscape & Pencil. Most of you might have already known about Inkscape tool, Pencil is an Open-Source, cross-platform, Mock-up tool built on top of Mozilla technologies.

Putting it All-together – 02

Putting it All-together – 02

Interesting news, projects, events on GNU/Linux and Open Source / Free Software all together.

1. Two Day Workshop on Free Open Source Software (MIT, Anna University, Chennai)

2 day FOSS Workshop is to be conducted at Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University Campus, Chennai on August 24 & 25th. To know more details about the event and to download Registration form click here.

2. Software Freedom Day at Puducherry

If you have a Cup of tea and you share it with your friend it becomes half cup of tea, But if you have knowledge and share it with others it doubles and grows exponentially “.

Do you use VLC Media Player, Mozilla Firefox, GIMP, Audacity, Chromium or any other Free Software, ? Then why don’t you take a day to thank the community that develops these Software and letting anyone (even you) to see the code of the software, allows you to modify the code of the software, distribute to anyone. The Day is near-by. Yes, Every year on the Month of September 3rd Saturday falls the Software Freedom Day. This year it is on September 15, 2012. Last year we celebrated the day at MIT, Anna University Campus, Chennai with Indian Linux Users Group Chennai along with other Volunteers, Students, and corporate. This year we are planning to Organize here at Puducherry and open for Public. If you are a School or College Student / Working professional / An Entrepreneur / Wikipedia Contributor / Open Source Enthusiast / GNU/Linux user / Programmers then you are most welcome to put your stalls and show case the Open source / Free software tools that you use or love the most. 

Note:- If you are interested to put a Demo stall, kindly email at ” prasmailme @ gmail . com ” with the subject ” SFD 2012 “. More details like Venue, Time, Resources will be updated soon.

SFD 2011 :- https://puduvaiglug.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/minutes-of-software-freedom-day-2011/

3. The Power of GIMP [Video – 1 minute]

A Time-lapse video showcasing the latest version of GIMP

4. For Web Developers

Are you a Web Developer and looking for a Graph generating Infographic Javascript library to embed into your Web page? Take a look at Graph.js
Demo here:–  http://graphjs.com/

5. Python Programming – Send SMS from Python

Do you want to Send SMS to any mobiles in India using your Way2SMS.com account without going to the site? And that too from your GNU/Linux Operating system using Python? Or Are you looking for a code that sends SMS using Way2SMS.com to use in your project? Take a look at this Page


To See and download the code click on “View Project on Github ” at the right top of the page.

Thank you for spending your time here. Expecting Volunteers for Software Freedom Day. Don’t forget to Email at ” Prasmailme @ gmail . com “.