Mailing List Guidelines

Puducherry Linux Users Group Mailing List Guidelines

1. Language – English is the medium of communication. So please send mails only in English.

2. Subject Line for the mail should be Meaningful and should be related to the content of the mail.

3. Content – The content of the mail should be relevant to Linux or Open Source only.

4. Do not top-post:
Because it messes up the order in which
people normally read text.

Example of a top-post:

> > Why is top-posting
> > such a bad thing?
> > What is the most
> > annoying thing in e-mail?

Use interleaved, trimmed posting

— Foo Bar wrote:
> could design good
> application forms using tex

5. Do not post HTML messages.

6. Do not send attachments.

7. Before posting a query in mailing list, search for previous mails in mailing list or  in any search engine.

8. Don’t send season’s greetings or birthday or social networking site invites to the group. Its not mailing list etiquette.

9. Use [OT] for Off – Topics, [Ann] for Announcements, [Job] for Job postings, [Tip] for Tips and Tricks in Linux.

For more details of mailing list guidelines also refer Indian Linux Users Group Chennai Mailing list Guidelines.


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