OpenSuse 12.1 – Features revealed

The openSUSE 12.1 has been released on Wednesday the 16th of November 2011.

PuduvaiLUG thanks and wishes Mr. A.Karthikeyan who wrote this review about OpenSuse. At the end of this review is mentioned about the author.

New to opensuse?

OpenSuse is one of the most stable distro I have ever seen. Trust me, I have started linuxing with Ubuntu like many others and get crashed my system while trying up something new. But in this case everything is much stable.

Well, there are plenty of reason why I adore (open)SUSE. Of course, its open-source.

Version Number

With a bunch of new features and elegant performance improvement this new version is numbered as directly .1 rather .0, because .0 would create many expectations of major improvements.

Desktop Environment

This time openSUSE12.1 has shipped with KDE-plasma4.7 workspace and GNOME-3.2 as well as Xfce and LXDE too. Here we reveal the features of OpenSuse 12.1 with Gnome 3.2 Desktop environment. This version has Shipped with not just GNOME3, but with GNOME3.2. Yes,The Gnome has evolved again with plenty of features. Pls refer here for further info about Gnome 3.2 features.

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Interesting Facts

Other than Gnome3.2, there are few more exciting features like Snapper and ownCloud.

1. Snapper is the most interesting one. It snapshots your Btrfs file-system(Which is not the default file-system and if we wish, we can choose it on installation time), this is a kind of  TIME MACHINE of Mac in Linux (Yep, not exactly. No external HDD too :p).

2. ownCloud is an exciting and much more active project, developing file synchronization technology on a Free Software base. When Ubuntu has its own Ubuntu One music cloud and apple having their own iCloud, linux have got a variety to choose and OpenSuse 12.1 chose ownCloud to be default here.


The openSUSE is now optimized to work as guest  OS in any environment. And ready at Amazon EC2 cloud.We even can rock with its new virtualization repository which includes revised versions of Xen 4.1, KVM and VirtualBox.

Also this is the major Linux distribution that shipped with new color sorry, KolorManager + Oyranos tools.

Programming language by default

openSUSE12.1 is the first linux distribution shipping with Google GO programming lang. Click here for more on Go lang.


After dropped its support to static xorg.conf file the users would missed the Sax2 tool. But we got a solution, thanks to munugupta and GsoC. The solution is the Brand new Sax3 tool which is included in this version.

Annoying:  Oops, Firefox 7 doesn’t support Tamil font, but hope Firefox 8 supports in OpenSuse (installation of Firefox 8 has to be done mannualy).

OpenSuse and Libre-Office

OpnSUSE is said to be the most tightly integrated with packages like Libre office. But the keywords of OpenSUSE itself not in the default grammar or in other words in spell check. I know we can add it manually but what is the meaning of tight integration then? This needs change.

Final Touch

OpenSuse 12.1 is yet another fresh and dazzling linux world to have fun with new Gnome 3.2, Snapper, ownCloud and lot more, check their packages list also take a look at their Media Layout. I wish all of you happy linuxing..!

About Author

This review is written by Mr. Karthikeyan. A, who is currently purusuing his degree at Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology.
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