Minutes of Software Freedom Day 2011

We have celebrated Software Freedom Day for this year 2011 along with Indian Linux Users Group – Chennai (ILUGC) at Madras Institute of Technology Chennai. We had 18 stalls there from lot of enthusiastic FOSS Volunteers from MIT, KANCHILUG, PUDUVAILUG, ILUGC, COLLABNET, FIREFOX, WIKIPEDIA, IIT-MUMBAI, etc.

List of Stalls

1. Libre Office
2. Kompozer
3. FFMPEG, Audacity
4. Python
5. PHP
6. Drupal
7. Scilab
8. Subversion&GIT
9. Firefox Addons
10. Spoken-Tutorial
11. Mozilla
12. Tamil Wikipedia
13. Ruby
14. Joomla
15. Subversion Edge
16. Open Source CDs and Books
17. Ruby on Rails(RoR)
18. Educational Software

Mr. Shrinivasan, co-ordinator of ILUGC with his team gave 3 prizes for the best stalls, eventhough all the stalls were best one, and he said “it was difficult to choose 3 from best 16”.  The stall from Puducherry Linux Users Group too got best stall award and that stall is Ruby.

Photo Gallery of SFD 2011




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