A Report on Software Freedom Day 2012

Brief Note

Software Freedom Day which is celebrated worldwide every year was successfully conducted in Petit Seminaire Hr. Sec. School, Puducherry on September 16th of 2012. The SFD was organized by Puducherry Linux Users Group(PuduvaiLUG) along with Pondicherry Science Forum. Members from Indian Linux Users Group Chennai (ILUGC) and Free Software Foundation Movement Tamil Nadu(FSFTN) with their presence provided a great support for the event.

Our Wiki-page:- http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2012/India/Puducherry/PuduvaiLUG

Students, Volunteers, Professionals from various organizations came together to spread the word on Free Software.
They displayed stalls on various Free Software available and shared their knowledge with public people.

Theme of the Event

The main theme of the event was to show people what free and open source software means, the need for using them and the benefits to the people. To take the idea of free and open source softwares to the people various stalls were arranged. The stalls were arranged in such a way starting from the philosophy of free and open source which explained about the history of free and open source movement and need for it. Next, the stall on Wikipedia greatly provided an insight on why people should begin using free and open source tools.

What we did ?

In the coming stalls students and professionals displayed various free and open source tools based on different categories, for example,

Developer tools
1. Python
2. Web development tools like PHP

Multimedia tools
2. VLC

Astronomy tools

Engineering tools
Arduino and much more.

Business tools
Diskeless Client systems using Ubuntu and other tools from Blue Light Open Source Solutions – Aurovile.

Every stall gave a brief and simple explanation on the tools which provided the people a basic idea about Free and Open Source Software. Various GNU/Linux distro(s) were provided to the people who requested it through pen drive and books on python were also displayed. In the closing session of the event a small technical talk given by veterans in Free and Open Source Software gave an in depth knowledge and the true purpose of turning towards free and open source softwares. The first ever SFD event in Puducherry proved to be successful with the tireless efforts of PudvaiLUG and its members. Thanks to all Sponsors, Stall exhibitors, Volunteers, Stall Visitors and media for making this event a great start at Pondicherry.

At the end of the event Ubuntu Stickers were distributed to stall exhibitors.

Press News & Media

News covered in Newspapers (Dinamalar) and Tv Channel (AMN TV)

Pics & Clicks


Note: Certificates for students who exhibited stalls will be provided soon.


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