Edubuntu in Girls Government High School

We have been talking about installing Gnu/Linux Distro’s for the Computers in Savararayalu Government Girls Higher Secondary School at Puducherry, since Hemavathy, Principal of that school wished to migrate from Windows to Gnu/Linux after visiting & inspired by Kerala Schools.

We had discussions on what Gnu/Linux distribution we should install. Finally we chose Edubuntu (an official derivative of Ubuntu operating system) and the version is 14.04.1 LTS. We also had other choices like EduBOSS (official derivative of BOSS – Indian government funded customized debian derivative operating system by C-DAC). The number of packages that came along with EduBOSS is very limited compared to Edubuntu. Moroever, edubuntu gave more choices while installing with respect to leave out or include education tools based on the age category like elementary, primary or secondary level students.

We found out that Edubuntu can acts as a thick client serving thin clients connected via local network. Though, we did not use it due to the fact that there was no LAN in their school.

Prasanna, Sinduja & Sarath volunteered the installation session.Thanks to Sinduja, she had already installed various Free Software Educational tools in most of the machines running windows. There were Posters on Richard Stallman, Aaron Swartz, Charles Babbage, Free Software Philosophy, Linus Torvalds, etc., There were 9 Desktop in which Five machines running Windows 7 and four Windows XP. We tested Edubuntu performance in all the machines before installing. We disabled Unity interface and sticked with Gnome fallback environment because of low availability of hardware resources(1.25 GB of RAM) and the fact that Unity also consumes more memory of graphical overlay.

We installed Edubuntu in 7 machines along with the existing operating system as dual boot & in 2 machines we had to install it as a primary OS since their windows installation has already been corrupted and required a reinstall.

We named those machines after the name of Free Software activists, Privacy enthusiasts & Scientists (RMS, Linus Torvalds, Aaron Swartz, Edward Snowden, Jimmy wales, Julian Assange, Ramanujam, Charles Babbage, Lady Ada). We started the installation session at 2 pm and finished by 5.00 pm.

Thanks to Hemavathy Madam for allowing us to install Edubuntu in their school computer lab. Soon students will be using Gnu/Linux in their school. There will be continuous classes for students on various tools available in the OS. We are in need of volunteers to teach the students. We have lots of work to do. Gear up people.

Installation Pictures –

P.S: This Post is composed by Sarath and edited by Prasanna.


January Meetup Report

New year with new activities with same objective but with a new approach. January is a special month for us, since PuduvaiGLUG is born the same month 3 years ago. To celebrate this occasion and the upcoming Education Freedom Day, we have planned for various activities this month end. So keep following us.

First meet-up for this year and the month held on 12/01/2014 (Sunday) between 2pm – 5pm at Ocean Academy, ECR, Lawspet, Pondicherry. Around 15-17 members turned up for the meetup. We had an Introduction to Python programming by Prasanna Venkadesh (myself) followed by Vikneshwaren sharing his experience on Hacking Tor at IIT-Madras Hackfest and then followed by discussion on Agenda for Education Freedom day celebration.

We are looking for volunteers to take up the session on the following topics. If you are interested please do ping back.

  1. GCompris (
  2. Stellarium (, Celestia ( OpenUniverse (
  3. gElemental, Kalzium (
  4. GeoGebra (
  5. Operating System vs Kernel (differences)
  6. Compilers (Gcc), Language (C, Python), IDE (CodeBlocks).
  7. Wikipedia / DDG / Firefox / Diaspora.
  8. Open Hardware (Arduino / Raspberry Pi).

Pictures of the sessions are here –

The Student Reps. Program

Today, we are announcing the new program exclusively for College students in and around Puducherry. The program will be called as ” The Student Reps. Program “, where Reps stands for Representatives.

What exactly is Student Reps. program of PuduvaiGLUG ?

Students from any College ( Engineering / Arts & Science / Medical / Polytechnic / ITI ) can join this program. Each college can have any number of student representatives registered with us.

The role of a typical Student representative of PuduvaiGLUG

  1. To learn and create awareness on Free Software & Gnu/Linux Operating Systems at Your College.
  2. Become a part of Organizing committee for PuduvaiGLUG.
  3. Connecting PuduvaiGLUG with Your friends at Your College / Institution.
  4. Organizing and conducting technical events in Your Institution with PuduvaiGLUG.

In short, You will represent PuduvaiGLUG at your College.

How do I Register?

You can register by visiting the following link and filling out the form.
There is no fee involved for registration. It’s free. Once registered, we will send an email to you for confirmation and other details within 2-3 days.

June End Meetup

We have our Meet-up Tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM in Ocean Academy, 1st Floor, ECR Road (Next to latha steel house), Lawspet, Pondicherry -8.

Approximately meet-up will end before 12:30 PM. You don’t need to bring anything mandatory with you. In case if you have doubts in anything particular to Gnu/Linux, you can bring your Laptop. We have various Gnu/Linux distro’s, if anyone needed, just come and get it from us. We will also discuss about the upcoming event – Software Freedom Day 2013 (

Contact: 9940325718 (Prasanna)

Second Meet….!!!!

puduvailug logoWe have to Thank Mr. Yogesh, One of the Member of ILUGC and of-course PuduvaiLUG for his surprise visit from Chennai on the way to Villupuram.

Mr. Yogesh showing a practical explanation on doubts of members

We apologize to the members, for not sticking to the schedule that we have planned before. Its due to some unavoidable situtation that our speakers didn’t turn up for this meet, yet

  • We had a very great meet this time, our sincere and heartly thanks to Mr. Yogesh, who came surprisely for this meet and because of him we had a good time of meet.
  • He gave us a very great presentation about Linux and even showed everything a live demo too.
  • Members attended the meet were with many doubts and they got clarified it with Mr.Yogesh.
  • Since our place for this meet was booked by some organisation, we had our meet at one of friend’s house terrace, yet it was a good atmosphere to have a good time and good learning.
  • The meet started at 4:45 pm and ended at 6.45 pm.
  • At this meet Mr. Yogesh gave information regarding:

1. Evolution of Linux.
2. Shells and Shell Scripting.
3. Open source Licenses.
4. Basic commands to work with Linux using Terminal.
5. File System Hierarchy and File access permissions.
6. Amazing tools to work in Linux that are not present in Windows.
7. How to download and install packages in Ubuntu linux with the help of Synaptic Package Manager and Ubuntu Software Center.
8. Projects ideas for College Students in FOSS ( )
9. Job Opportunities ( )


























Ubuntu 10.04 CD is given to members attended the meet and went directly to Damodaran’s home and installed too.

First Meet of PuduvaiLUG :-)

Ah… We are very happy to share that today 13.02.2011 (Sunday), the First meet of PuduvaiLUG held !!!

The Schedule that was planned has been put up below:

1.  About FOSS

2.  Linux Distributions

3.  Live Demo on Linux Installation

4.  Introduction to FOSS Programming Languages

5.  Basic Difference between Linux and Windows filesystem.


Ocean Academy,   No. 2, E.C.R Road, 1st Floor,   (Near Latha Steel House),   Lawspet, Puducherry – 605008.


2:00 pm  –  4:00 pm

Once again we have to Thank Mr. T. Shrinivasan, Co-Ordinator :- ILUGC, for his Surprise visit and Presence at out meet today.


Mr. Shrinivasan delivering his speech at our meet.


Everyone introduced themselves initially.

1.   As per the schedule , the first session was About FOSS presented by S. Prasanna Venkadesh, one of the Co-ordinator of PuduvaiLUG.

He also presented about “Basic difference between Linux and Windows FileSystem”.


Introducing ILUGC and PuduvaiLUG to members

Mr. Prasanna Venkadesh presenting lecture about FOSS and PuduvaiLUG











2. Followed by that session Mr. N. B. Arune Kumar gave his lecture towards Advantage of using FOSS and Linux and narrated his experience with Ubuntu Linux.


N.B. Arune Kumar delivering his content

Lecture by Arune Kumar










3.  Mr. Prasath Ramachandran, one of the Co-Ordinator (PuduvaiLUG)  explained about various Distro’s of Linux and explained about the use of Mailing list in the   PuduvaiLUG.


MR. Prasath Ramachandran explaining about Distros of Linux

Mr. Prasath Ramachandran narrated the use of Mailing list.











4. Guys listened to the lecture with great interest and they were eager to know whats behind linux. They raised lots of doubts for which we answerd them and made them clear.


Students attended the meet

students from different colleges










5. Finally we showed a Live DEMO of how to install a linux and how to make partitions on the disk for installation and also explained the file system of the LINUX.


Described the FILE SYSTEM of Linux

Live Demo of Installing Ubuntu Linux !!!











Students very eagerly watching live demo of Installation

Finally the Session ended up by thanking all for attending our meet and by the next meet we have planned to distribute the Latest release of Ubuntu Linux 10.10 for our Members attending the meet.

Once again we all thank Mr. T. Shrinivasan, Co-Ordinator (ILUGC) for making his surprise present and helping the students by clearing their doubts about FOSS , Job Opportunities in FOSS , Programming Languages (Python n Ruby), etc.

Participants on this meet:

T. Shrinivasan
S. Prasanna Venkadesh
R. Prasath
Arune Kumar
Om Zeabalan
R.K. Arunkumar
A. Siraj
Karthi Michael
Jaya Prakash

Next meet’s  schedule, date & venue will be out soon… dont miss it… grab your Linux CD’s.