Say no to trackers, keep your privacy

Do you fed up with internet privacy? Past years tracker were used spyware, virus, malware were used to track you but now trends have been changed, yes they using JavaScript, cookies for spying. Millions of people were tracking your activities via internet. Ads were following you everywhere. Many people moved to Linux based machine so they don’t need antivirus, malware function etc. Is all Linux users are secure? no, because tracker use your browser for data collecting. So you should use some security add ons in your browser. i would like to suggest some add ons are follows.

1. Ghostery  – Monitors third-party trackers on sites. Ghostery will only show you which trackers are operating on the websites

2. AVG privacyfix – Helps lock down your Facebook and Google privacy settings.

3. Disconnect – Blocks trackers from popular sites.

4. HTTPS Everywhere  –  Redirects to secure (HTTPS) versions of sites where possible.

5. DuckDuckGo – Search anonymously.

6. Adblock Plus – Blocks intrusive ads.

7. DoNotTrackMe – It blocks third-party trackers on sites. ( Firefox, Chrome )

8. Lightbeam for Firefox – See who’s tracking you online.



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