List of Distro’s available with us

Though one can download any Gnu/Linux distro from Internet legally and for free, we also have downloaded and have certain distros with us for convenience of those who do not have faster Internet connection or do not have Internet connection at all. Please take a look at below list of distro’s we have.

  1. Ubuntu – 12.04 (32 & 64 bit), 12.10 (32 bit)
  2. LinuxMint – 11, 14, 15 – all 32 bit
  3. Fedora –  18 – 64 bit
  4. Tails – 0.18 – 32 bit
  5. Crunchbang – 11 – 32 bit

We can also download distros for you on your request.

How can you get from us?

Join our mailing list and drop an e-mail to ” ” (You cannot send email without joining the mailing list). Subject of the email should be ” Distro Request “ and mention the name of the distro from the above list or the distro you require (Do not mention any of your contact details like Mobile number, email ID, address, etc., because the email you send will reach 100 of them in the list). Based on availability we shall meet and you can bring your USB drive to copy the ISO files from us.

Visit this page – If you are in and around Pondicherry University area.


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