List of Stalls – Suggestions

Only few days left until the Celebration of Software Freedom Day. Now here, we are posting idea for stalls, that you may be interested to register and show a demo for public.

Note:- Striken out like this means they are already registered. This page will be updated as new stalls get registered.

1. Wikipedia – Open contribution in any language, Open source projects around Wikipedia.
2. Introduction to Mathematical/Scientific tools- Like Mathematica, GeoGebra, SciLab etc for math and GIS apps like QGIS, physics simulators etc.
3. Popular Open Source apps for *dows: Like VLC, LibreOffice, SciLab, DevCpp, Bluefish, etc.

(You can contact Jesse Francis ( from Pondicherry University  for any help to make a stall on above 3)

4. OpenStreetMap – Open street Map is Free world-wide Map created by people like you. You can add any place in map.
5. Mozilla Firefox – A stall on the latest features of Firefox, Add-ons, etc.
6. Open Source CAD tools like QCad, LibreCAD, etc.
7. Android – World’s leading Smartphone Open Source Operating System from Google.
8. Stalls on Science tools like Stellarium, Celestia .
9. Audacity – Open Source powerful Audio editor.
10. Blender – A 3D Graphic / Animation creating tool (Used by Pixar and Disney studios)

You can register your stalls here.
After registering above, check your registration here

For any Queries, Contact

Prasanna Venkadesh:- 9940325718 (


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