Minutes of Meet – SFD 2012

The main theme of this meet is to discuss and form committees and bringing together volunteers for organizing Software Freedom Day at Puducherry for the 1st  time. It was planned to start the meet at 10:00 AM morning, and people started to arrive the venue around 10:00 and until everyone arrives we had a kind of introduction to new comers and played the Software Freedom Day song.

List of Members

1. Mr. K. Viramani (Employee – TCS).
2. Mr. D. Prabhu (Asst. Prof. Mailem Engineering College).
3. Ms. V. Shabanu (Student – Pondy Univ.)
4. Mr. N. Praburaj (Business)
5. Mr. M. Balaramakrishnan (working)
6. Mr. Murugavel (Pursuing Charted Account).
7. Ms. S. Sindhuja (Student)
8. Mr. V. Meenakshi Sundaram (GNU/Linux Blogger)
9. Mr. M. Ramesh (Student – Christ College of Engineering)
10. Mr. M. Lalith Kumar (Student – RGCET)
11. Mr. K. Vijayamurthy (Pondicherry Science Forum)
12. Mr. P. Pradhip Kumar (GNU/Linux + Open Source Enthusiast).
13. Mr. Prasanth Radhakrishnan (Journalist – The Hindu & member FSFTN)
14. Mr. Alagunambi welkin (FSFTN)
15. Mr. Swaminadane (Member, PuduvaiLUG)
16. Mr. Prasanna Venkadesh (Coordinator, PuduvaiLUG).

From the above list you could have noted that, the venue was filled with people from various domains. We have divided the works into committees and share the organizing work among members.. Below are the List of committees.

1. Venue Committee – Deciding a place for the event to be celebrated.
2. Finance Committee – Deciding on Sponsors for the event, and fund arrangements.
3. Campaigning Committee –  To spread the news loud everywhere.
4. Organizing Committee – Coordinates every other committee to keep on track and preparing for events.

Snaps from the Meetup

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Once everyone arrived, Alagunambi Welkin of FSFTN started the session by giving introduction on Software Freedom Day and the need to celebrate the event.

Venue Committee:- We started to pull in options for venue from members. We have got number of options and soon the venue will be fixed.
1. Murugavel  – 9486814358 ( sumurugavel@gmail.com )
2. Sindhuja – (sindhuja0505@gmail.com)

Finance Committee:- Being Non-profit organization, Fund is an important factor for a successful event.
1. Meenakshi Sundaram – 9994189908 ( vms20591@gmail.com )
2. Pradhip Kumar – 9994236872 ( pradhipece@gmail.com )
3. Ramesh – 8056943120 ( macroramesh6@gmail.com )
4. Lalith kumar – 8056473042 ( lalith.coool@gmail.com )
5. Prasanna Venkadesh – 9940325718 ( prasmailme@gmail.com )

Campaigning Committee:- It takes a little hard-work to make the event to reach everyone.
Design of posters, pamphlets, banners, press news would start commencing once the Content are ready.
1. Prasanth Radhakrishnan (Content creator) – 9176661086 ( prasanth1584@gmail.com)
2. Prabhu. D ( Sending invitations to various colleges) – 9952665667 ( datatycoon@gmail.com )
3. Ramesh, Prasanna Venkadesh (Poster, Pamphlet, Banner Design) –   8056943120, 9940325718 ( macroramesh6@gmail.com, prasmailme@gmail.com )

Organizing Committee:- ” A Perfect Orchestra is needed to keep everything synchronized ”
1. Viramani, Prabhu. D ( Stall organizers on Software Freedom Day ) – 9994072195, 9952665667 ( visit.vira@gmail.com, datatycoon@gmail.com )
2. Mohamed Thaafeek (Stall registration) – 9789688455 ( talentedthoufiek@gmail.com )

I request members and volunteers to check if your contact number, email id’s mentioned above are correct, if not please do report it.

As soon as committee’s are formed, the works are scheduled with fixed date as deadline for every task and every task are clearly explained to respective organizers. If you have missed this meet and if you would love to be the part of this energetic community, you can leave a email to ” prasmailme @ gmail . com ” and a little about you and in which committee you are interested to join with.

We are also looking for sponsors for the event.

Closing: After good networking the meet ended up around 3:00PM. We will meet next weekend again for a progress check / modifications / new additions.


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