[Resolved] Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Touchpad not works or not Detected

Recently got a chance to have a hands-on at the two of the Tamil Nadu government’s offered free laptop to the students which came along with dual boot operating system “BOSS Linux” and ” Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition “.

When booted into BOSS Linux, the Touchpad / Trackpad in both two of the Laptops which we had a hands-on was not working and was also not deteced. So the Synaptics touchpad driver needed for the Touchpad / Trackpad to work was not present by default, so if you have found laptops with this problem try downloading Synaptics touchpad driver and double click it to install it. Since BOSS Linux is built based on the Debian operating system, the file which you have downloaded is a deb file.

In one of the two laptops, Trackpad is not working in Windows too. If you ever find any TN Laptop with Trackpad not working under BOSS Linux install the above Driver and it should work. If it doesn’t works even after that please drop your comments, we would help you to work it on.

Please comment only if you encounter problem in GNU/Linux. We do not undertake any queries regarding Windows as we are here to help Linux Users.


96 thoughts on “[Resolved] Tamil Nadu Free Laptop Touchpad not works or not Detected

  1. Hi I would like to remove BOSS operating system without touching Windows 7 as it is and shift to Ubuntu 12.04. What steps can I follow.

    • Boot from Ubuntu CD or Boot ubuntu via USB, Proceed to Install, You may get options like ” Upgrade to Ubuntu (some additional contents too) ” -> If you get this option, select this and proceed installation or else if you don’t find any option like above, select ” Do something else ” option and now find the partition in which BOSS is installed (you can find it by seeing any one of the following details displayed -> Size of the partition, Format of the partition (if it is anything like EXT2/3/4, sure this is the Drive in which BOSS is installed). Now select that drive and proceed to Installation.

      Note:- We are not responsible for any warranty problems if warranty becomes void replacing BOSS GNU/Linux

    • Please tell about the problem clearly.
      1. Do you have internet connection?
      2. Is your BOSS Linux connected to internet?
      3. What are you trying to download?
      4. What tool or browser are you using to download?
      5. What error are you getting when you try to download?

      Without answers for these questions we cannot be able to help you. And we will deal only problems associated with Linux and not Windows, we are Linux Users Group.

    • hi sangeetha:
      you cant download anything from the internet using Internet explorer in TN laptop.. so u have to install other browser like firefox, goole chrome.. By using those browsers u can download anything.

    • On Boss Linux, Go to Software Center or Software Manager –> Search for “Cheese” Software and Install it. Now after installing find it from Applications –> Multimedia Menu and run it. If You have an integrated Webcam inbuilt with Laptop or external Webcam that you attach via USB should work out of box πŸ™‚

  2. hi
    hi,this downloading problem occur in windows 7 OS.here i am using vodafone mobile broadband for net connection.downloading complete till upto 99% after it will display the file could not be downloaded.and pls tell who to connect network(vodafone mobile broad band) using boss linux

    • To access WebCam – Install Cheese Software. I am not sure whether it comes by default in Boss Linux, Search under Multimedia section. If not found, go to Software Manager or Package Manager and type Cheese in search bar and install it.

        • Boot live from Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux Operating systems like LinuxMint / Mageia / Fedora and install them on the partition where BOSS was installed. Booting from USB is better option comparing with CD/DVD

  3. hi
    my laptop is not detecting my mts data card bt its working through bsnl broadband wireline.
    how i have connect my mts data card?

  4. hi in my laptop wen i was operting with the internet the screen suddenly goes black and the power is still on the power button light still blinks ..plz someone help how can i resolve dis thing

    • Do you have Webcam in your laptop. Because in some of the TN govt. laptop Webcam is missing.

      Ok let us find whether your camera is detected or not.

      Do the following in BOSS Linux:-
      1. Go to Applications
      2. Open Terminal
      3. type this command (without qoutes) and press enter:- ” lsusb ”
      4. Paste the output here as your comment.

  5. hi in my laptop wen i was operting with the internet the screen suddenly goes black and the power is still on the power button light still blinks ..plz someone help how can i resolve dis thing




  7. my laptop not connecting to the internet in boss os. but i can connect using windows 7. I am using hawaii datacard and uninor sim. It detects my datacard, still i am not able to connect. Do I need to enter any codings in terminal. please help me

    • Don’t worry.. It’s simple. No need to open your Terminal. Your Data Card will be working fine. Just plug-in and wait 30 seconds to get it all ready. you can see Network Manager icon in the taskbar, Click on it, Edit VPN Connections, and Go to Mobile Broadband, Edit the settings entering Username and Password and APN in the settings. If you are not sure about APN, contact Uninor customer care for the APN and enter it. Save the settings and it should work

      • Thanks for your help. I did all the settings above. Sill I am unable to connect. When i use other networks, I face the same problem. I can see network names & signal level. When I enter Wvdial in terminal, it shows no /dev/modem found in the file or directory. Do I need to change any settings.

  8. i am using option globetrotter datacard with docomo sim. i am unable to connect internet in linux. it worked in windows. if i plug in datacard detects with signal. after configured mobile broadband i am unable to connect. if i enter wvdial in terminal it shows cannot open /dev/modem:no suchfile or directory. please help me

  9. i have tamilnadu free lap top. i try to del my partition. than am reset my system appear this error:unknown file system entering resue mode grub rescue mode

  10. Hi all,

    i have wipro tn govt gifted laptop, after getting tn govt welcome screen, am not getting option to choose os (win7 or linux9). just got blank screen. How to fix the issue. Please help.

    Thanks in Advance,


  11. when i switch on my elcot pc boss linux booted automatically. what i do to change the first boot os as windows 7 please tell me?

  12. Hi!
    I am able to connect internet through my mobile on TN free Laptop (Windows 7 ‘OS).
    But can’t able through My Micro max data card for the same sim.mean while signal,sms every thing goingwell… what we do to connect internet through my data card.

  13. Hi,
    i\I’m recently got free wipro laptop. i have WiFi connection in my hostel but i unable to connect through mobile modem (Samsung gt 5253). it has some error.
    2.I have another problem of MS office 2010 it need activation key at same antivirus also.
    so where i can get these codes.

    so please inform me if you know the answer.
    even you can give missed call also to +918867158086

  14. Hi,
    I’am having the following issues with the free laptop given by TN .
    My issues:

    1.BOSS is not loading, the BOSS loading screen appears and it stays “still “even for hours. Is there any way to rectify it from command prompt.
    There is no CD ROM in these systems, Does the board has provisions to accept one?
    How to restore or reinstall the BOSS?

    2. Does windows 7 on the system works,when selected it goes on for system repair and stays on it for hours.

    3. How to install other operating systems,if these OS are not working?

    Please help me out..

    Thanks & regards

    • Hi Satheeshkumar, Not sure about what is the problem with your system. While you are not able to login with both Operating systems, it appears like there is some problem with your HDD. Since you do not have DVD/CD rom, You can create a live bootable USB Ubuntu Gnu/Linux and plug in the Pen drive in your system, and then boot from Pendrive during system start and Try Ubuntu. You can Reforamt, Partition, remove Boss and install Ubuntu in that partition. You can follow these steps to create a live usb of ubuntu and boot it live https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick.

      When something like this happens with Windows, you have to try to repair it via cmdprmpt, but most of the time it won’t work, You have to format your OS and lose all your data. This is the one advantage of using Linux. Your data is always there, you can always boot live and take backups. Windows is a locked down platform, you cannot do more than what they show you.

  15. Dear Sir,

    In my laptop, there are 3 issues:

    1. All image can’t be previewed in thumbnail view
    2. When im installing vlc player, all my programmes/applications start to open in VLC
    3. error showing that psapi.dll is missing in one application. i followed some steps, but still that error is not rectified.

    Kindly guide me please.

  16. Hi good evening,
    I have many time tried to log in for particular drive in government laptop. but i am unable to log in. elcot is not working continuously i was received “authentication failure” the “password for root” section. what can i do ? please help me

  17. Hi good evening
    what is the procedure to receive wi-fi signal in my govt laptop. If any software install to achieve that please give me the details

  18. Hi sir, my laptop not connecting to the internet in boss os. I am using digisol datacard with aircel sim card . It detects my datacard and install S/w but it can’t do dialup .

    Do I need to enter any codings in terminal.

    • chmod 777 filename will set all the permissions for a single file.

      To set permission for a folder and files / sub-folders inside it you have to

      chmod -R 777 foldername

  19. hello friend,
    i wanted to use a single OS either windows or linux.. is it possible to have a single OS in my lap ? if so please tell me how to create space for the single OS.. please advise.

  20. Hi,

    Can you please provide me the user name and the password for the Boss Linux operating system
    which is given by Tamil Nadu Government (HP — Laptop)…

  21. hi i’m using HCL LTC model 02102 , OS is Windows 7 , i cn’t install any software like microsoft office , etc. asking admin password. can u let me know the password.

  22. hi i am a new boss user and i think i updated it and now i am getting 2 gnu linux in cnu grub . namely
    Boss GNU/LINUX , with linux 2.6.39-bpo.2-686-pae
    Boss GNU/LINUX , with linux 2.6.32-5-686
    but the issue is both show loading screen and does nothing.. i just keep staring the boss loading screen. i am sure i did something wrong . so can u please tell me what i can do to revert it to normal

  23. hai i am having tn govt laptop how to connect wifi bsnl broad band and can v donwload and work ns2 software in boss linux or windows7

  24. Hi,

    I need to re install the windows 7 pro in my laptop…my laptop brand name is hussy,is it possible to reactivate the windows 7 pro license in my lap

  25. Hi,
    I am using the TN government laptop and what is the steps to connect any toggle(data card) device in my laptop, since when I connected the my tata photon data card it show me an error like “Modem is not present”…

    • There is nothing specific called drivers for ELCOT laptops, rather you should look for the driver for the hardware you want.
      For example, you need to provide the model number, manufacturer name of the LAN device that is present in your laptop.

      Open the terminal and type this `lspci | grep Ethernet` without the quote. This will give you the name and model number of the LAN card present in your laptop. Once that is known, it should be easy to proceed.

  26. My laptop bios settings changed and the laptop not boot lights fan and hard disk only on for few seconds the screen is blank nothing display i change the bios battery also that dosn’t work

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