Ubuntu 11.10 – Oneiric Ocelot, Stable Released :)

The most awaiting and lovely looking Ubuntu 11.10 with some changes in its Unity Desktop is released today(13.10.11)
You can take a tour of Ubuntu 11.10 online here and to download Ubuntu 11.10 click here.

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Surely this release was most awaited by most of the Ubuntu and linux users because of the changes it has in its shell.

1.The brand new Login Shell enriches the look and feel of Ubuntu.
2.This release will be supported for 18 months for Desktop, Netbooks, Servers, Cloud,etc.
3.Lot of improvements in the Unity Launcher and panel.
4.New filtering options in the Unity launcher.
5.3D and 2D login methods
6.32 bit compatibility on 64 bit systems.
7.A new and a very simple and easy to use Back-up tool for the first time – Deja Dup (This is really great).
8.Mozilla Firefox 7.0
9.Ubuntu Software center with a rich and royal look – redesigned.
10.Window switcher ‘Alt + Tab’ gives a royal feel

List of Editions of Ubuntu 11.10:
1.Ubuntu Desktop
2.Ubuntu Server
3.Ubuntu Cloud
9.Ubuntu Studio


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