7th Meet

The meet started at 2.40pm at Ocean Academy and ended at 5.30pm.

1. The meet started with the  Mozilla Projects Official video and then an audio clip about FOSS.

2. Mr.V. Arul Raj, took a big session of explaining the difference between Client Side and Server side and gave an intro to PHP.

3. Mr.Arul raj handed the diaz to me (S. Prasanna Venkadesh) and I spoke about Different Run Levels in a typical linux (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runlevel) and how to change the run levels from terminal.

4. We gave a live demo of installation of Linux Mint 11 (Ubuntu based) in one of our friend’s brand new laptop and explored few features of Mint.

Audio clip being played

Mr. Arul Raj's talk

Members attended the meet:
1. S. Prasanna Venkadesh
2. Swaminadane
3. Prasanna venkatesh
4. Arul Raj
5. Arun Prasath
6. Mohammad Thaafeek


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