Free Laptops from TN Government – Choice of Operating Systems

As per the Vow of Government of Tamil Nadu’s Election Campaign our Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha, has ordered ELCOT to get Tender for manufacturing Laptops for School and College Students for distributing it for free.

Here is the Technical Specification Mentioned in the Tender Notice:

Look at the Operating System row:
Pre-Loaded Dual Booting – Windows Starter with 1-Year Anti-virus Licence & Linux. ”

Now the Question is ” Is that Windows Operating System really Necessary ?“. The reason for being said is below:
1. Features of Windows Starter Edition:
No Aero (transparent glass like borders on windows).
No wallpaper or visual layout customization, 2 GB memory limit, No mobile center, No media center. 
Depending on the type of video card you have in your notebook (age) it may not be able to support Aero.
Good only if you run everything in a web browser.

Note: Took from Microsoft website:

2. With Windows Starter Edition College Students could not be able to Install Visual Studio (also called as .net) which is very essential tool for Windows application Developments for both Desktop and Web. No support for ASP.NET

3. Anti-Virus License for Protection of Windows System against Virus is only for 1-year. After 1-year what are they going to do?
Crack softwares from Internet? Software Piracy (one form of Corruption) ? This will lead to an initial step of students community being become a part of Corruption by thefting the Softwares form internet that violates the Law and EULA(End User Licence Agreement) of the Software Vendor.

4. The Tender has qouted for 9.12 lakhs laptop to be manufactured and distributed, if this is the case think about this:
1. Microsoft Windows Starter Edition would cost Rs. 1000
2. So installing Windows in 9,00,000 Laptops would cost 9,00,000 * 1000 = 90,00,00,000 i.e (90 Crores). + Hardware Cost. It could go beyond 100 Crores.

Advantages of Linux being only used:
1. Operating System cost – Rs.0/- only. (Rs. 90 Crores Saved)
2. Immune to Viruses, No need for any Anti-virus (Highly Secured Operating System).
3. Thousands of Free Softwares for each category from School children to Engineering Students to use, completely free.
4. Specific Distribution of Linux for School Students called as SCHOOL OS ( comes with pre-installed educational tools.
5. Freedom to study,modify and distribute the source code.
6. Right to Share any of your content to anyone for infinite number of times.

Members of FSFTN & ILUG-Chennai has already started their Campaign and its time for us to do it.

TamilNadu Government(2011-2016) gives free laptops to students community, and we hope the same will be followed in the choice of Operating Systems. Free in Linux means:- Freedom to use, Freedom in Software, Freedom to share, Freedom to Distribute. ”

Government Official Tender file(pdf):-
Check page 57 for Technical Specification.


31 thoughts on “Free Laptops from TN Government – Choice of Operating Systems

  1. can we change the operating system to ubuntu? the linux software is oly in tamil…not in english..can we format and change the os o ubuntu?

    • You can change the language of BOSS Linux from Tamil to English, for that you need not install a new linux operating system. If you are comfortable with Ubunutu GNU/Linux operating system you can install it. I wanted to know whether is there any warranty provided for this TN Government Laptop, because they may have mentioned warranty would be void if changed something. So make sure before that.

      We will say how to change language from Tamil to English in BOSS Linux. Go to Control Center and search for Regional or Language ” மொழிகள் ” options and from there you can change your language preferences to English.

  2. i agree with what u said above….i didnt use linux….so i know nothing about linux….i asked my teacher about linux to which she replaid that linux is very difficult to operate as it has many coding..,is it real?hope i will find the answer in this site….thank you

    • Hi Baarathi, Puducherry Linux Users Group welcomes you 🙂

      This is the problem with most of the people in India, they are still outdated. No coding is required to use linux. Have you ever heard about Ubuntu Operating System ( and it is a Linux operating system.

      Here i show you few links on how a latest Ubuntu and other Linux operating will look like:
      1. What is Ubuntu? –
      2. Ubuntu latest version 12.04 review video –

      Similarly You can check lot of videos in regarding “Windows vs Ubuntu” where you will find more stuff on how a GNU/Linux operating System will look like.

      1. Ubuntu official site:-
      2. Go to wikipedia and search for: 1)ubuntu 2)LinuxMint 3)GNU/Linux.

      I promise you that once a new member tries Ubuntu, they will definitely love it. We can know what it will be like only if we use. Don’t just hear what others say and follow. Try using Ubuntu or any other Linux like LinuxMint, Fedora, etc. Yes there are nearly 500 flavours of Linux available from which you can choose your own. Ubuntu is one most popular and for a new member like you this is highly recommended.

      We totally disagree with what your teacher has said, and did you ask her whether she has used Linux? and if yes, When was the last time she used and what Distribution she used? She must have seen linux 15 years back.. and now it is not what she tells you. Linux is everywhere, if it is difficult to operate it has many coding like that i will tell you one example, you must have heard about ” Android ” Operating system which runs on Smartphones from Samsung powered by Google, Now Android is leading everywhere and in top position, Android has got rich user interface, amazing apps, etc., . Yes, Android is a Linux operating system. Go ahead. Go to ubuntu site. Download 32bit 12.04 Desktop version. Create Live USB media. Try using Linux without installing and if you want to use and explore install it.

      To create live USB media after downloading ubuntu iso file:-

      Hope you have got some idea. We are always here to help people and we are non-profit. We do not get any money for anything and we mean only helping others and sharing knowledge to all people for free 🙂

      For further doubts you can also mail me personally if you wish:-

    • No that is very very easy to operate, but ur teacher should learn it thats the problem to her
      thats y she told like that u may try to learn linux.

      Dr.APJ.ABDUL KALAM says all should learn to use GNU/linux

    • Your teacher must be a “Dumbass”. Linux is not abt commands or coding anymore. It will be just like Windows Os. But the look and feel will only be the difference. You ll’ get used to it wen u start using it. Good luck..!

  3. Hai, This Is G. Raj Kumar From Chennai, The Government Lenovo LapTop Have Wi-Fi & Camera Facility, Plz Kindly Reply As Soon AS Possible, Thanking You …

  4. i just format my free laptop and i install the windows 7 once again from my flash drive but i got an error doing that. everyone saying that the laptop became useless so i want to know whether i can able to recover my laptop or not. i want full details. please anyone help me

  5. i’m not able to format it. its not booting in usb. Any other methods??? also its asking user name & password, while choosing OS. But i’m not able to enter the password. what may be the problem?

  6. Friends i messed up my lap by making default application for .exe to flash player so the entire software in exe format including many vital softwares cant b used and new softwares also couldn’t b launched s there any solution for this . . . Please help . . . If formatting it and installing new os s the only way then help me how to do it in the tamilnadu gov students laptop . . Its not having a cd drive it has 3 usb ports and a lan port . . I tried to change the primary boot device but i couldn’t make up to it . . . Please please help me

  7. hi im install windows 7 ultimate but it is not install succsusfull notification says you have a victim softwere how to i install windows correctly some file are not available in this copy example gamrs are not working error msg says could not find any commpatible device, how i solve this i want new os is there any govt softwere on this govt laptops

  8. hi all,

    i need to remove the linux os from TN govt laptop. If you know ,kindly provide the steps to remove successfully.

  9. the students may find linux a bit difficult in the beginning. Once they come to know the power of linux, they will come for linux at the end. They have no chance of knowing about linux. That is the fact. Their thought is that Windows is a very big thing since it is very proprietary. We should take step to change this thought.

  10. Is it possible to install dual OS in govt laptop?
    I already installed Windows 7. Now, want to install ubuntu is that possible?
    If so can you provide me the guidelines how to do it?

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