Its time to work, Build a Team !!!

As a next activity of PuduvaiLUG, we will keep on give activities to you and we wish you all to work as a team ( 3 per team).

First Activity:

1. Create a Slogan for PuduvaiLUG.
2. Search and collect what are all the equivalent softwares/packages available in Linux, that are popular in Windows.
3. Open Source tools available for Engineers ( You have to present about the tool in the meet ).
4. Apply in any one of the Project of GOOGLE SUMMER OF CODE (Google it and find it) and as a team start learning about the technology and start to create a Open Source based Project.

We shall have our discussion in our meet about the above activities.

Date & Time:

24th April’11, 10 A.M – 12 A.M


Ocean Academy,
(Near Latha Steel House)
Puducherry – 6005008.


One thought on “Its time to work, Build a Team !!!

  1. Hi,

    I am from Pondicherry. Could someone please upload the happenings/slides soon. When is your next meeting?


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