3rd Meet of PuduvaiLUG

We sincerely to thanks Mr. Yuvaraj (NOC Analyst at CSS CORP. CHENNAI) one of the member in PuduvaiLUG, who came over puducherry to give great session about Linux Basics & Linux Web server.

Apologies, we announced the venue on Saturday (12th march). Thanks to Prasanna & his friends, arranging a good place for this meet.

Nearly 20 members are joined in this meet.  Many are new faces in this meet.  Happy to know this.

Before going into the meet schedule, spend small time on self-introduction themselves.

As per the schedule, 

1.  Mr. Praveen Sam ( ST.Patricks s/w solutions pvt.ltd. ) delivered his speech on the basics of IP address and few commands like ping, ifconfig, etc.

He explained the basics about HUB, SWITCH, ROUTERS, set ip- address, etc.

2. Next it was the Movie – created using Blender ( A 3d-animation Software ) ” S I N T E L ” was played for the audience to show how effectively animations can be made even in FOSS.

3.  Mr. Prasath Ramachandiran gave a basic introduction about 

Linux File Permissions & File structures.

4.  Mr. Yuvaraj ( NOC Analyst at CSS CORP. CHENNAI ) to rock over

Linux basics and Linux Web Servers. ( Since members were new to linux,

He took at a very basic level to understand , what happens when the

user presses the power button on the cpu and how does the Linux boots ).

– Pretty Interesting It was and we learnt a lot of Facts like

” Windows Vista and 7 were Using Linux Kernel”

Following on his session, Mr. yuvaraj ask any one of the  participant to summaries his talk.

Mr. Thoufi Tiger gave a good revise.

Suggestion from the participants:

1. Need a practical explanations.

2. Domain server for PuduvaiLUG – some college have proxy to restrict blogspot & wordpress.  At that time, they can’t able to view our blog.

3. Place for the meet

4. keep the common suggestion note, that participants to explore their thoughts, even though they can’t able to explore in words (From the speaker Mr. Yuvaraj)

List of Members attended the meet:
1. Prasath Ramachandran
2. Yuvarj
3. S. Prasanna Venkadesh
4. P. Prakash
5. Om Prakash
6. Md. Thoufiek
7. Sirayudeen
8. Priya vadhana
9. Poornima
10. Krishnaraj
11. Arun kumar
12. Sridhar
13. BalaMurugan
14. Arul
15. Ashok kumar
16. Jayaprakash

17. Sivanesan

Thanks to speakers & participants.


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