First Meet of PuduvaiLUG :-)

Ah… We are very happy to share that today 13.02.2011 (Sunday), the First meet of PuduvaiLUG held !!!

The Schedule that was planned has been put up below:

1.  About FOSS

2.  Linux Distributions

3.  Live Demo on Linux Installation

4.  Introduction to FOSS Programming Languages

5.  Basic Difference between Linux and Windows filesystem.


Ocean Academy,   No. 2, E.C.R Road, 1st Floor,   (Near Latha Steel House),   Lawspet, Puducherry – 605008.


2:00 pm  –  4:00 pm

Once again we have to Thank Mr. T. Shrinivasan, Co-Ordinator :- ILUGC, for his Surprise visit and Presence at out meet today.


Mr. Shrinivasan delivering his speech at our meet.


Everyone introduced themselves initially.

1.   As per the schedule , the first session was About FOSS presented by S. Prasanna Venkadesh, one of the Co-ordinator of PuduvaiLUG.

He also presented about “Basic difference between Linux and Windows FileSystem”.


Introducing ILUGC and PuduvaiLUG to members

Mr. Prasanna Venkadesh presenting lecture about FOSS and PuduvaiLUG











2. Followed by that session Mr. N. B. Arune Kumar gave his lecture towards Advantage of using FOSS and Linux and narrated his experience with Ubuntu Linux.


N.B. Arune Kumar delivering his content

Lecture by Arune Kumar










3.  Mr. Prasath Ramachandran, one of the Co-Ordinator (PuduvaiLUG)  explained about various Distro’s of Linux and explained about the use of Mailing list in the   PuduvaiLUG.


MR. Prasath Ramachandran explaining about Distros of Linux

Mr. Prasath Ramachandran narrated the use of Mailing list.











4. Guys listened to the lecture with great interest and they were eager to know whats behind linux. They raised lots of doubts for which we answerd them and made them clear.


Students attended the meet

students from different colleges










5. Finally we showed a Live DEMO of how to install a linux and how to make partitions on the disk for installation and also explained the file system of the LINUX.


Described the FILE SYSTEM of Linux

Live Demo of Installing Ubuntu Linux !!!











Students very eagerly watching live demo of Installation

Finally the Session ended up by thanking all for attending our meet and by the next meet we have planned to distribute the Latest release of Ubuntu Linux 10.10 for our Members attending the meet.

Once again we all thank Mr. T. Shrinivasan, Co-Ordinator (ILUGC) for making his surprise present and helping the students by clearing their doubts about FOSS , Job Opportunities in FOSS , Programming Languages (Python n Ruby), etc.

Participants on this meet:

T. Shrinivasan
S. Prasanna Venkadesh
R. Prasath
Arune Kumar
Om Zeabalan
R.K. Arunkumar
A. Siraj
Karthi Michael
Jaya Prakash

Next meet’s  schedule, date & venue will be out soon… dont miss it… grab your Linux CD’s.


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