FOSS seminar at Puducherry

WWOWW!!!! a great seminar about the toptic,

“Introduction to Free Open Source Softwares”

powered by

Mr Shrinivasan T

Coordinator of ILUGC!!!

It was held on 30th January’2011 at Puducherry..

Nearly 200 students registered for this seminar, almost 180 students from 20 different colleges attend this seminar.

Students gave energetic support on FOSS by asking valuable questions,

How FOSS supports Pre & Final year projects?

How FOSS helps in careers?

Comparison of equal tools & softwares compare to Windows?

Why Linux? Advantages & Disadvantages on Linux?

Why different distributions on Linux? What’s different? Which is user-friendly?

Shrinivasan gave clear live demo on Linux – Ubuntu to all students.


Daily-used softwares

Programming Languages

Sound & Videos

Package Manager

Graphic User Interface

Login as ROOT & other USERS

ILUGC – Subscribe, Why & Use of ILUGC?

Jobs on FOSS

Students who attend the seminar gave good support to Linux and cleared their doubts on Linux.

“Most of the students are using LINUX OS as Home & Academic Edition”

At the end of the seminar, students installed LINUX – Ubuntu on their own laptop with the help of Shrinivsan.

Puducherry Linux Lovers, started


Created “PuduvaiLUG” mailing list for lovers,

How to join in this mailing list???

Just subscribe your personal e-mail id in User Options, and you will receive the confirmation mail from PuduvaiLUG.

Just join hands with PuduvaiLUG,

“Share your knowledge on FOSS”



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